Web Design
Custom Web Application
Online Marketing
A stunning site harmonizes and synchronizes both form and function. We intertwine both when we craft your website. After all, it does represent your storefront and online presence. “Form” comes from the desire to design an eye-catching, beautiful site that will dazzle your visitors. Wisdom dictates that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” We’ll make sure to impress your guests. “Function” comes from the ease of navigation to the ability to Search-Engine Optimize (SEO) your site. Form meets function in our design process.
Beyond a website, we can create interactive web applications that will enhance your business’ performance and creates an engaging user experience for your customers. We focus on the nuances of what users want and how to make these functions easily accessible to them. The design and placement of a small button to the rich features of interactive features can create a new world for your visitors.
We help you get noticed by customers through our online marketing efforts using the latest SEO techniques. We’ll help you bring customers to your site. We develop a wide array of strategies and tactics for you to deploy and help implement them as your online marketing partner.
Mobile Apps Development
Mobile Marketing
With the latest technology and the rise of Mobile Apps, we integrate this new technology into your existing ones to provide your business and customers with a unique experience. This high-growth market will boost your business and offer possibilities that truly will enhance your organization.
Take your business to next level with new technologies such as location-based services as well as real-time connections and integration
From small local area network LAN to connection between two countries, or cloud computer service setup, we are able to take care of all your network needs
Private Hosting
IT Consultant
We hold our top-notch servers in a state-of-the-art data center with the best of current hardware, speed, security, and customer service. We secure our hardware with multiple layers of firewall, and maintain and monitor this system with great supervision.

Why do we provide private hosting?

1. Exclusive feature for LTT customers
2. Better service for our customers’ customized applications
3. Efficient management of our customers’ websites in handling uptime/downtime
4 . Immediate access to IT support staff at any time
5. Flexible upgrades without additional costs

Based on almost a decade of experience in IT development specializing in web technology and networking, We had gained great understanding of companies’ needs that range from setting up a small network for one company to connecting multiple LANs to one international server that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. We also enable our customers to establish a web presence utilizing our technologies to connect multiple storefronts into one management software.

As we move forward into the next decade, technology continues to become increasingly important to businesses in regards to enhancing work productivity, reducing costs, and advancing organizational competiveness. We are here to serve our customers by combining our past decade of experiences with the technology of this decade – social media marketing, social media commerce, mobile commerce, mobile marketing, and web television.